Just like girls always go for the bad boys, pop trio the Cab is on the search for a bad girl in their latest single, aptly named 'Bad.'

From the sound of it, lead singer Alex DeLeon is facing a relationship gone sour, and this time around, he's hunting for something fresh. While he admits that he's not typically one to walk away from a good girl, he's had enough of their love.

"Baby, I know that you're good / But I don't want a good girl, no not today," DeLeon sings empathetically.

Not only are DeLeon and the Cab guys sick of predictable and logical, they're really hoping for someone who stays out until all hours of the night and doesn't answer their phone calls at all.

"Cause I want it bad / I want a bad girl baby, bad / I want a love that's crazy, yeah / I want a fight / I want to rock and roll and party all night / Yeah, I want it bad," the Cab harmonizes in the infectious chorus.

'Bad' sounds like the pop goodness of the Jonas Brothers' 'Burnin' Up' with a good dose of Bruno Mars, which makes sense given that Mars lent a hand to the Cab's song 'Endlessly.'

Where this song lacks in deep and thoughtful lyrics, it makes up with its unique catchiness and feel-good and smooth vocals. Both 'Bad' and the Bruno-penned track appear on the band's forthcoming record, 'Symphony Soldier,' which drops on August 23.

Listen to The Cab, 'Bad'