It must be fun to hang out with production duo the Cataracs and singer Dev. In the video for 'Sunrise,' which is a montage of clips, Dev and the boys engage in all sorts of fun, outdoor activities. They ride four wheelers on the beach. They swim. They hang out with kittens. They dance. They play with laptops. They BBQ. They fish. It's as though they've captured the essence of being on vacation in this vid. It's enough to make your scratch your head and wonder: Is this how these cats really live? Making music lets you have the life!

Dev, in her honeyed voice, says it best when she coos: "Staying up late / Me and my best friends getting s---ty." Well, that was before she got pregnant and all! But that is exactly what happens in this vid. Having fun, consuming beverages and partying is the order of the day.

Even with all these shots of the Cataracs and Dev having a grand ol' time, the best part of the entire good-time video is when the trio is translated into animated form. For about 15 seconds, they transform into graphic novel characters, which you can see in the photo above. We've seen montage videos such as this before, so we were left yearning for more of the animated Dev and the Cataracs.

Watch the Cataracs + Dev's 'Sunrise' Video