On Aug. 10, the Cool Kids hit New York City for a performance at the Brooklyn Bowl. Even though their set only lasted for about an hour, Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks proved that they don't need to have a giant set list in order to deliver a riveting performance. Along with their DJ, the guys powered through a medley of their songs, treating fans to a combo of new and old tracks.

The guys kicked off their vivacious set with ‘Oscar the Grouch,’ and without skipping a beat the duo quickly went into their new track ‘Rush Hour Traffic,’ which had a mean bass that got the crowd grooving along and waving their hands up high. The high-energy momentum kept going as Inglish and Rocks traded verses on older tracks like ‘Bassment Party,’ ‘Mikey Rocks,’ and ‘A Little Bit Cooler.’ They also performed some tracks off of their newest album, ‘When Fish Ride Bicycles,’ including ‘Roll Call,’ the Mayer Hawthorne featured track ‘Swimsuits,’ and their closing number ‘Summer Jam.’

During the show, Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks made it clear that they were ready to bring the party to BK. The guys are known for their great use of sampling, and concert goers really responded as they incorporated recognizable beats from songs like the Beastie Boys’ ‘Paul Revere’ and Grandmaster Flash’s ‘The Message.’ Inglish and Rocks commanded the stage, both metaphorically and literally, as they insisted the light guy trade in the abrasive brightness for a more ambient glow and flashing strobes when it was appropriate. Rocks also got his ‘rock star’ on when he jumped on top of a door ledge, performing ‘GMC’ pretty much in the middle of the crowd.

All in all, it was clear the Cool Kids were having a great time, and in turn, the audience was pumped as well. They joked around — at one point they referred to their DJ as a Manny Pacquiao look-alike — and spread their positive energy throughout the venue. If they are ever coming to a town near you, definitely make sure to snag a ticket to see the Cool Kids. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

To download a copy of the Cool Kids’ latest album, ‘When Fish Ride Bicycles,’ visit the iTunes store by clicking here.