Hip-hop duo the Cool Kids aimed incredibly high when choosing producers (Pharrell Williams, Travis Barker, Ghostface Killah) for their new album 'When Fish Ride Bicycles.' The twosome released a short, two-minute webisode of them working in the studio with none other than The Neptunes' Williams in Miami and while brief, it still gives viewer's an insider's view of the studio process.

To give you a sense of Williams' size and scope as a producer, if his name is not instantly familiar to you, he co-wrote Gwen Stefani's definitive 'Hollaback Girl.'

"We wanted to hone the craft, hone what we are doing and we are getting back in the lab for real and make some more magic," the duo said. Obviously, one of the key puppet masters behind the magic was none other than Williams, who worked with the Kids on 'Summer Jam.' When The Cool Kids were approached about which knob twiddlers they wanted to work with to perfect their songs, they immediately said Williams. "Put us in there with him and we'll make all the rest happen," they said.

Check out our review of the single 'Swimsuits.' Pre-order 'When Fish Ride Bicycles,' due out via the Mountain Dew-founded label Green Label Sounds, here. The album is out July 12.

Watch the Studio Webisode From the Cool Kids