Over the past two months, PopCrush has been giving you the exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Downtown Fiction's upcoming album, 'Losers & Kings.' And now, we have the final BTS video, just in time for the release of 'Losers & Kings' on June 17.

In this final look, we see the guys of TDF -- frontman Cameron Leahy, drummer Kyle Rodgers, guitarist Wes Dimond and bassist David Pavluk -- all reflecting on the album-making process and getting just a little choked up at the completion of the record.

"Are you crying, man?" an off-camera voice asks each of the guys, as they all break down into fake tears. The crying may not be real, but their emotions are.

"This has been a really exciting time because it felt sort of like a rebirth in a way," Leahy says. "Just having a chance for all us to be out in Los Angeles and work on the songs together and really have the time to find exactly the sound that we wanted to."

"The music is solid and rockin', and I'm ready to release it," Dimond tells the camera proudly.

The BTS video also features clips of the pop-rock driven 'Don't Count Me Out' and 'Hope I Die On a Saturday Night,' which are included in the album.

Check out PopCrush's exclusive premiere of the Downtown Fiction's final BTS video above, and don't forget to pick up 'Losers & Kings' when it is released on June 17.