Pop-punk trio the Downtown Fiction are getting ready for the release of their debut studio LP, 'Let's Be Animals,' with the release of their single,'Thanks for Nothing.' The boys, who hail from Fairfax, Va., are letting their ex's know that they are doing just fine without them on this spiteful and catchy new song.

'Thanks for Nothing' kicks off with an ominous echo of voices and a drum that is reminiscent of heart beating. However, these sounds quickly fade out, giving way to the buoyant, pop-rock blend of guitars, bass and drums. Singer Cameron Leahy's voice swells with the energetic and uplifting beat, which is ironic considering the song's lyrics are really one giant "F--k you."

"I know the sun still shines when you're not around / I'm takin' it easy in the worst part of town / And now I find it wasn't meant to last / I have one thing to say and that's / Thanks for nothin' kiss my a-- /  Thanks for nothin' kiss my a--," Leahy sings during the refrain.

Fans of the Downtown Fiction can catch Cameron Leahy, Eric Jones, and David Pavluk on their 'Let's Be Animals' tour later this year. They will be joined by a plethora of artists, including fellow pop-punkers the Summer Set and We the Kings. The album 'Let's Be Animals' hits retailers on April 26, 2011. In the meantime, jump over to iTunes and download the single version of 'Thanks for Nothing.'

Listen to the Downtown Fiction, 'Thanks for Nothing'