The-Dream is previewing his new album 'The Love IV (Diary of a Mad Man)' with the release of two sexually-charged tracks -- 'Body Work' and 'F--- My Brains Out' -- both of which are modern R&B songs with elements that recall old-school Prince.

On 'Body Work,' Dream shows off his impressive falsetto as he tries to get with a hottie: "Whatever them girls tell you, don't pay them any mind / Cause there ain't no better feeling than when you are mine / I'm just lookin' for somebody that drives me crazy, crazy / Hey, heartbreaker, I'm standing in your line / I'd like to see you come and try to break mine."

The songs are seamlessly blended together on the audio clip, which The-Dream promoted via his Twitter page. 'F--- My Brains Out' is a rhythmic song with electric guitar accents and, as you might have guessed from the title, explicit lyrics.

He opens the song with a line that might be directed at his estranged wife, Christina Milian: "Here's a little something about my ex / She thought she was a super freak / She thought the sex was incredible / Until she met me."

When it comes to raunchy come-ons, few performers are as convincing as The-Dream. In the hands of another artist, lyrics like "If you're under 18, Mom and Dad, put your kids to sleep / She couldn't wait to lick it and I couldn't wait to stick it" might come off as gratuitous or gimmicky, but Dream has the production skills make such a line just one small part of the overall picture.

Set for a September 20 release, 'The Love IV (Diary of a Mad Man)' is The-Dream's fourth album. His production resume also includes smash hits like Rihanna's 'Umbrella' and Beyonce's 'Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It).'

'Body Work'

'F--- My Brains Out'

Listen to The-Dream's 'Body Work' and 'F--- My Brains Out' (Not safe for work)