Chances are that you recognize the Fooo Conspiracy from their numerous television performances or when they opened for Justin Bieber in 2013. But the Swedish band sent PopCrush a video revealing things that you probably didn't know about them!

Each member of the Fooo Conspiracy -- that's Oscar Enestad, Oscar Molander, Omar Rudberg and Felix Sandman -- revealed a fact about himself that's likely unknown to the most diehard member of the Fooo Family.

For instance, one of the singers spilled that he's related to a "hot American actress." Can you guess which celebrity he's talking about? Another member disclosed that he used to want to be a firefighter. "Now, instead of putting out the fire, I'm creating the fire," he added.

Want to find out even more facts? Want to see the Fooo Conspiracy spill some "secrets"? Just check out the video above!

Watch the Fooo Conspiracy's 'All Over the World' Video