Depending on where you’re currently located, you’re probably over the snow, sleet, ice and sheer apocalyptic winter weather at this point in time. If you're anywhere on the north eastern seaboard, odds of that are even higher. Allow us to get you even more stoked for summer with the latest music video from the Fooo Conspiracy for their single, “Roller Coaster.”

The video opens on a wide shot of a beachside amusement park, with an immensely tall roller coaster and ferris wheel, totally reminding us of warmer days where ice and snow where but a distant nightmare. Also, we’re pretty sure there’s nothing else in this world that screams summer louder than, you know, the beach. And rides.

The guys eventually wind up in a warehouse where they break into song and show off their killer dance moves. The song itself has a cool, dubstep breakdown with a fun, poppy feel and we're totally loving it.

Our favorite part of the video would have to be that space simulator spinning thing that they use at NASA to train astronauts before a launch. We aren’t exactly sure of the technical term (in case that wasn't obvious), or if NASA actually uses the one shown in this video, but we’re hoping you get the reference anyway. If not, that's alright, because YouTube can show you exactly what we're talking about. It spins you in all directions, which looks nauseating but kind of fun.

What do you guys think of the video? Check it out above and let us know!

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