There's a feud brewing between the frontmen of two alt rock bands and it's all over a diss about the fans.

The Fray frontman Isaac Slade has gone on record to say that he would like to clock The Killers' vocalist Brandon Flowers for trashing his band's fans for their demeanor during gigs.

Slade revealed that when he sat down to make 'Scars & Stories,' he was perusing the web and unearthed footage of Flowers making disparaging comments. "I saw footage on YouTube of Brandon getting mad at a Killers crowd who were a little sedate," the singer told The Daily Star. "Brandon was yelling, 'Come on, stand up and dance. This isn't a f---ing Fray show.'"

Ouch. Sort of.

Flowers isn't lying about the subdued nature of The Fray fans, with Slade admitting that the audiences tend to be immobile. He said, "All I could do was laugh because that's true -- we do have a very thoughtful, sensitive crowd who don't get to dance much."

But the vocalist did come to the defense of the band's fans, finishing, "Still, I'll pay Brandon back for picking on our fans. Next time I see him I'll have to punch him in the mouth."

Thems fightin' words!