The Freshman are on a mission to meet and greet some ladies with their summery single, 'Hello There.'

Kristo, A Wolf and THX spit some very fast raps in this tune, and if you blink you just might miss a clever rhyme. Throughout the song, the Freshmen -- who are schooled in the industry, despite their throwing name -- sing the praises of summer and pretty girls.

We can't help but favor the slowed-down and catchy-smooth chorus:

"Hello there / The sun has been on the rise / There's magic in the air / It's alright / Girl, you know what's been on my mind / A summer love affair"

But it's easy to tell by the spy movie back-track that the frosh are looking for more than a quick hello from the girls on the street, and they even get a little suggestive when they ask, "Have you been to Texas lately? / We should go down south." Of course, the innuendos don't stop there!

Still, this one is fun and airy, the perfect track for cruising the streets while you're on the prowl for a friendly face -- no matter what your intention may be.

Doesn't everybody love the summertime? We sure do, and we love that this trio has fun on the brain in 'Hello There.'

Listen to The Freshmen, 'Hello There'