The 'Glee' crew recreated the iconic Village People archetypes ... Or did they? 'Glee' star Mark Salling posted what could quite possibly be one of the best photos we've ever seen on his Twitter account. The pic features all the boys of the singing series dressed up as members of the Village People, in full stage regalia! Yes, there was leather, Indian headdresses, bandanas, cowboy hats, aviator shades, cop uniforms and lots and lots of chest hair in the shot.

Salling, who plays Puck on the series and who guested on 'The Glee Project' this past Sunday, tweeted: "The glee bros and I wanted to keep up our chops up over the hiatus so we formed a tribute band."

But wait. Before you start thinking that series co-creator Ryan Murphy will be over the moon about the fact that  'Glee' bros kept themselves occupied and active while the show is not filming, there's a rumor afoot, courtesy of Pink Is the New Blog, that this photo is actually a Photoshopped rendering and that the 'Glee' cast did not pose for the photos.

Ah, the miracle of technology. No matter when, where or how the photo materialized, it did elicit more than a chuckle.

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