On this week's episode of 'The Glee Project,' the nine remaining contestants showed off their 'Dance Ability' for Oxygen viewers and 'Glee' star Harry Shum Jr., who guest-judged. PopCrush has your recap right here!

As the number of contenders grows smaller by the week, the competition grows more intense. The 'Glee' hopefuls took on Train's 'Hey Soul Sister' as the homework song of the week, and squealed in delight when one of the New Directions showed up to watch.

Harry Shum Jr., aka Mike Chang on 'Glee,' appeared as tonight's guest mentor, and picked Samuel as this week's homework assignment winner. He had the responsibility of informing the kids of their task, and instructed them to do their best on a rap song -- MC Hammer's 'Can't Touch This' -- which incorporated their dance routines as well.

Because the 'Dance Ability' episode incited the contenders to rap, things fell especially in Hannah's favor, being that she appeared on MTV's 'Made' for that very reason. Alex maintained a pretty solid-mind that he's the best dancer in the competition, and Matheus was pretty pumped too, since he loves to dance.

In the recording booth, Samuel snagged some ad-lib lines from 'MC Hannah,' who found his stolen style to be a bit frustrating. When it came time to teach choreographed moves and shoot the 'Can't Touch This' video, we couldn't help but laugh alongside (okay, at) the contenders, who sported silly "rap wear" which was much outside of their usual realm. Shockingly, Matheus really couldn't get a grasp on how to make it happen, while Alex really struggled with his larger-than-life ego -- and none of his fellow hopefuls were too amused.

The 'Glee' insiders revealed that they weren't actually looking for the best dancer this week, rather the person most willing to commit to their performance, and in the end, positive attitudes reigned over divas and divos. They called a surprising 5 into the bottom 3 -- Hannah, McKynleigh, Alex, Matheus and Cameron, but let 'MC Hannah' and the nerdy Cameron go after giving them a scare. Otherwise, the 'Glee' smarts told Alex they didn't think he was really trying at all.

But which of the trio was able to show creator Ryan Murphy why they deserve a spot on 'Glee'?

McKynleigh, a country girl at heart, owned her last chance song -- Carrie Underwood's 'Last Name' -- which had the mentors smiling with delight and proved that she can sparkle when she needs to. Ryan Murphy went so far as to tell her she could be the much-needed country addition to the 'Glee' cast.

Matheus delivered a very sexy rendition of 'Down' by Jay Sean, even stripping off his shirt and going bare-chested by the time the song wrapped up. Alex laid down the Dolly Parton/Whitney Houston classic, 'I Will Always Love You,' but even Ryan Murphy was turned off by his holier-than-thou attitude this week.

In the end, it was McKynleigh Abraham who didn't make the call back. Next week on 'The Glee Project,' the contestants will tackle duets with Lady Antebellum's 'Need You Now.'

Watch 'The Glee Project' Hammer-Style 'Can't Touch This' Video