This week's episode of 'The Glee Project' was all about 'Pair-Ability.' The eight remaining contestants had to take a stab at performing their best duet, and some seemed to struggle more than others with the task.

Darren Criss showed up for a second time to act as a guest mentor for the young 'Glee' hopefuls. After receiving some words of encouragement from the 'Glee' cast member, the group paired off into duos to perform during the homework portion of the show. The winner of the homework round would receive the chance to pick their own duet partner from the lot of fellow contestants.

The homework segment consisted of all eight contestants taking on Lady Antebellum's massive drunk-dial hit, 'Need You Now.' Matheus teamed up with Alex, and Hannah sang the duet with Damian. Meanwhile, Samuel and Cameron both struggled as they sang the love song with their respective duet partners, Lindsay and Marissa. Cameron's situation was especially interesting, since he felt uncomfortable due to the fact he has a girlfriend of two years at home ... Didn't he sign up for the show with hopes of becoming an actor or did we miss something?

Darren Criss had a hard time choosing between Samuel and Marissa as the winner, but he ultimately picked Marissa, whose performance really blew him away. Marissa then dumped Cameron (uh, we don't blame her! the guy could hardly hold her hand without being a nervous wreck) and asked Samuel to duet with her for the next round.

Next on 'The Glee Project' agenda was filming a video for their assigned duets. Marissa and Samuel took on 'Don't You Want Me Baby,' Hannah and Alex performed 'Nowadays' from the Broadway musical 'Chicago,' Lindsay and Cameron belted out 'Baby It's Cold Outside,' and finally Matheus and Damian sang 'The Lady Is a Tramp.' Marissa and Samuel got caught up in the moment and laid a smooch on one another, and Lindsay also kissed Cameron during their video shoot -- this resulted in 21-year-old Cameron having a minor freakout and calling his mom to tell her he's a cheater.

Ryan Murphy only called back Marissa and Samuel, and the remaining contestants had to perform a new batch of songs for the 'Glee' co-creator. Alex and Hannah sang 'Valerie,' and Murphy praised them calling Hannah a "pure joy" to watch. Matheus and Damian let loose during 'These Boots Were Made for Walking,' but Murphy felt Matheus still wasn't as confident as he should be. Lindsay and Cameron wowed us with their rendition of 'River Deep, Mountain High,' and Murphy even told Cameron he was inspired to pen a Christian character for the bespectacled Texas native.

After Cameron, Alex and Matheus were put in the bottom three, words flew about Alex giving Matheus a hard time for not being able to sing as high. However, when the final decision was made, it was Matheus who was sent home from 'The Glee Project.' We're sad to see the pint-sized 20-year-old go!

Watch Marissa and Samuel's 'Baby It's Cold Outside' Video on 'The Glee Project'