On the June 26 episode of 'The Glee Project,' the remaining 10 contestants were pushed to face their insecurities and reveal their deepest, darkest secrets in an episode that was aptly titled 'Vulnerability.'

'Glee' celeb Dot-Marie Jones guest-starred as this week's mentor, as she has faced tough times in her own life from being large and masculine. The group's strong suit, Matheus, swept away the competition in this week's homework competition, with his emotional deliverance of Pink's 'Please Don't Leave Me' which really shook Jones. This marked a second win for the short contender, who grabbed the coveted slot in the first week as well.

This week's challenge struck a chord with Lindsay, who didn't like the 'Glee' star calling her strong delivery fake or forced. Because of her inner struggle, and the fact that many contestants don't seem to be too keen on her in general, the focus was on the pretty face and her inner-reality for much of the episode.

Like the Lady Gaga-inspired 'Born This Way' episode of 'Glee,' 'The Glee Project' kids had to wear their heart on their sleeves, literally, and sport a word or phrase representing the one thing they're most insecure about on their shirt while filming a music video for Tears for Fears' 'Mad World.'

Individually, the group came to terms with their hidden insecurities, because they'd be forced to wear them for all of L.A.'s Universal City Walk to see during the video shoot. Hannah told the world she's fat, Alex revealed that he's gay, Lindsay donned 'fake' and Samuel 'rejected,' while McKynleigh struggled with her race and asked 'Black or White?' Emily revealed her deepest insecurity -- that she was sexually used by music producers in the past -- but the judges didn't like how quickly she switched in and out of character, from sad and in-touch to goofy and unbelievable. As for Cameron, he claimed that he is 'misunderstood,' but the judges pinned him as too normal, and said it's to his disadvantage that he's without big issues.

Marissa, who didn't reveal her deepest, darkest secret in the initial sit-down, was a focus of the 'Vulnerability' episode, as well. She told vocal coach Nikki Anders she'd chosen 'flawed' as her word, but broke down and told her peers, "I think I need to change my sign, it doesn't convey what I did to myself" -- but still kept us on our toes until the very end. She said she'd be a coward if she represented herself as flawed, because it doesn't specifically address her issues, and it was finally revealed, likely to many close to Marissa back at home, that she has been battling anorexia.

'Mad World' proved to be a powerful way to get 'The Glee Project' contenders to pull out their emotions, especially shot in black and white and with genuine tears streaming down many of their faces. At the end of the video, all 10 turned their backs on the camera to reveal the message 'U R Not Alone' on the back of their cards.

Just like in the past two episodes, three contenders were chosen as the bottom rung -- those the producers didn't feel were the strongest in this week's challenge. But this week, we were surprised to see that four were left standing on the stage, forced to face the music. There was Cameron, who didn't quite connect with his vulnerability; Emily, who already knew she'd be at the bottom; Damian, who was trying to sell his insecurity; and Lindsay, who made it through, but was held back initially because the judges wanted to scare her ... And us.

Damian was asked to deliver 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' by Elvis for the producers, and in turn, get in touch with his inner-most feelings rather than hold onto his 'numb' tag. Cameron sang 'Your Song' by Elton John, and moved the judges, even with all of his radiant confidence. Emily gave a silly cover of Bruno Mars' 'Grenade,' which solidified that she wasn't totally serious this week. At the end of the episode, she was the only one not called back.

Tune into Oxygen next week as 'The Glee Project' kids learn how to dance hip-hop style. Or, head over to PopCrush for your recap as we continue to narrow down the remaining nine to one person, who will find themselves in a recurring role on Season 3 of 'Glee.'

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