The Janoskians made a brief presentation at tonight's 2014 Teen Choice Awards, making waves with fans when member Beau Brooks appeared in a neck brace.

Apparently the clumsy comedian, alongside the four other members from his troupe, planned to make a grand entrance on a surfboard, as a tribute to the surfboard awards given out to the TCA winners. Beau was the lucky, or perhaps unlucky, Janoskian chosen to ride in on the board while he was carried by Jai, Luke, James and and Daniel (and a few security guys).

The entrance might sound grand in theory, but things went downhill when Beau took an unintentional dive off the surfboard and onto the red carpet, apparently seriously hurting himself. The camera kept rolling while one of the security guys fitted him with a neck brace.

We're a little suspicious of the incident, mostly because the Janoskians are known for their crazy pranks, but also because it seems awfully convenient that they had a neck brace on hand! Maybe the TCAs were super prepared in case of a disaster.

Nothing has been confirmed either way, so we hope Beau isn't seriously injured if it's true!

Watch the video of the fall above to decide for yourself -- is Beau's fall real or a prank?

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