Expect the unexpected when the Janoskians are running the beach!

In their new video for 'That's What She Said,' the guys suit up as lifeguards -- but they're not concentrating on saving lives. Instead, the group rocks out with beach-goers, and even flirt with a few ladies.

Just listening to the lyrics of the song should give you a good idea of what to expect from the video. The title, 'That's What She Said,' is a huuuge clue! It's a catchy, innuendo-filled track, but it's all about having fun. And, no worries, it looks like the Janoskians are embracing every moment on the beach.

We love that this is a quirky play on 'Baywatch.' (After all, the '90s are having a major comeback.) It shows off the band's amazing sense of humor, and gives fans an awesome visual to accompany an energetic track.

Watch the Janoskians raise a little mayhem in the 'That's What She Said' video above!