The Jonas Brothers were honored at Variety's Power of Youth Award this weekend for Change for the Children Foundation, which supports the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Special Olympics, and Do

"Being honored for this means so much more," Kevin said. "It means you've definitely done something that matters, that's important," he continued. "It just feels really good. It's not about us today -- it's about what you can do to help in your community."

Nick explained what makes their charity special. "Our charity really means a lot to us. We've been blessed to have our fans get involved and help us on different efforts. At the end of the day, it's something really dear to our hearts and we're doing some great work with the help of our fans." If these guys weren't so charming by nature, we'd say they rehearsed these responses!

The guys didn't just dish on do-gooding, though. They also gave some deets on their upcoming record! They all agreed that it's "very different." Nick added, "We've progressed a lot. We just finished two weeks in the studio, diving in with some new and exciting sounds. I think we're now ready to start playing some stuff for people and getting some opinions ... we're having a great time. We're hoping people respond positively to the music."

Kevin noted, however, "What you hear at the show, you may not hear on the album. It's about the journey and the progression and just getting in there and writing as much as you can."