Genre-bending hip-hop duo the Knux team up with Kid Cudi on 'Run,' a new song from the New Orleans duo's upcoming second album 'Eraser.'

The track opens with a guitar riff and drum section that would normally lead into an alternative or indie rock song. Instead, it moves in a different direction with the sugary chorus, "She's gonna run, run, run, that girl's gonna run." The hook is incredibly repetitive, and in this case that's a good thing. You don't even need to hear the song twice because, like a good jingle, the tune is appealing enough that you can't forget it.

As the song proceeds, brothers Joey and Krispy rap over the guitar riff about the girl they have their eyes on, while working in creative references to Daman Wayans, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Peter Pan.

Kid Cudi's contribution is a short, mid-song verse. Though his cameo is brief, the Knux wanted him on the song because he's a kindred spirit, as Krispy explains: "He’s really deep and serious about music and one of the modern guys who won’t compromise. We like urban hood dudes who don’t get boxed in by stereotypes."

Cudi's cameo doesn't necessarily make the song better, but if it gives the track additional visibility and credibility, then we're all for it, because this is a song that deserves to be heard.

Listen to the Knux, 'Run' Feat. Kid Cudi