Patrice Wilson could be one of the most hated men in cyberspace, at least by those who consider themselves arbiters of taste. It's Wilson's fault that Rebecca Black has a "career." He produced her 'Friday' video, and is at the heart of this condensed documentary about Black's meteoric rise and viral dominance earlier this year. Jon Ronson produced this six-minute doc for Escape and Control, which is dedicated to covering people who try and control the Internet. That's a whole other can of worms, but ...

... Black herself isn't in this short but powerful web doc, but her pal Benni Cinkle, who is seated next to her in the car in the video, is! Cinkle is a huge Bieber fan; notice all the Bieberabilia surrounding her when interviewed. She talks about her "role" and about meeting Wilson on set.

Ronson reveals that Wilson charged well-to-do parents $4,000 to make videos for their kids. He also says that Wilson was initially interview-phobic and camera shy, denying Ronson's requests for a chat. He would not speak with Ronson until Ronson revealed he had booked an appearance on 'Conan' for that night. That's when Wilson become available to chat ... Since Ronson could have mentioned him on the show!

When he sits down for the interview, Wilson speaks about the genesis of the song and how he wanted to pen a song about Friday, since there are no songs celebrating Fridays. Um, has he ever listened to the musical canon? We can spout off like 20 songs about the joy of Fridays!

Wilson doesn't say anything riveting, but Ronson, with his regal accent, certainly makes this an appealing six minutes. Wilson explains how he creates songs for clients – he asks them what they like, like their favorite colors or candy. He also tells Ronson he sees "viral potential" in him, like Vanilla Ice mixed up with Craig Davis. Yeah, we know. Ridiculous.

Later that day, Wilson sends over a synthy track, about Ronson appearing on 'Conan.' We're thinking Wilson wanted to generate publicity for himself by having Ronson play it that night.

Word is Wilson has split with Ark Music Factory, the company he worked for when producing 'Friday.'

Watch Rebecca Black 'Friday' Doc