Fox made a huge mistake by canceling The Mindy Project after three seasons of (mostly) comedic bliss. But for fans of the show -- which stars Mindy Kaling -- there may be hope for future seasons somewhere down the line.

According to TVLine, although the show will no longer be on our weekly television lineup, Studio Universal is reportedly in talks to bring the show to the streaming site, Hulu, and it might even be picked up for multiple seasons. While there has been no confirmation about this either way, considering the way the series left off with a cliffhanger in the season three finale, we definitely hope Hulu brings the show back to life.

Mindy Kaling spoke with the Hollywood Reporter recently, explaining the decision to go with a cliffhanger for the season's end despite being unsure as to whether another season would follow. She said she does not "create under the assumption of failure." Same, Mindy.

She also went on to say that if Fox did ultimately decide not to renew the show she may consider another a network if the offer were presented to her. She said, "I just think there are more stories. I do think there’s more to tell, and I think fans would be disappointed not to see more adventures with these characters. But I came from a show [The Office] that I was on for eight seasons, and it continued for another year after that, so I am accustomed to long runs of television shows. I would be up for that challenge.”

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