Fans of The Mindy Project, rejoice — Mindy Kaling's recently canceled Fox sitcom has found a new home on Hulu.

The streaming service has ordered 26 episodes of the series' fourth season, according to Time. The show's star and creator said in a statement (quote via Time), “I am thrilled The Mindy Project has found a new home on Hulu, where so many of our fans are already watching the show. It’s such an exciting place to be.”

It certainly is exciting for fans of the show, who were left hanging after the Season 3 finale as a pregnant Mindy Lahiri seemed unsure of her romantic fate with baby-daddy and coworker Danny Castellano. This was a risky choice, as the cult favorite had been dogged with low ratings for much of its three-season run and it was on the network's chopping block in Season 4. Kaling defended her story decision in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, saying "I didn't write the finale as though it were the series finale. I just have too much faith that the show will continue." Apparently, her faith was justified.

The Mindy Project joins Hulu's growing roster of original programs, which include the dark comedy Deadbeat, a docuseries on mascots called Behind the Mask, and teen drama East Los High. Community, the NBC sitcom that had a loyal following but faltering ratings like The Mindy Project, made a similar network-to-web jump in March on Yahoo. It's nice to know that there are new market options out there for TV creators and the viewers who are willing to follow them anywhere.

There is no premiere date for The Mindy Project Season 4 as of yet, but we'll keep you posted.

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