Seth Cohen fans: fire up your laptops. Hustlers: grab your guns (your shadow weighs a ton, cruisin' down the 101): The O.C. is headed to Hulu in April! Now you can officially take those DVDs from your complete box set and use them as coasters, OR as Christmas tree ornaments to trim the tree with as you and your family listen to Music From the O.C. Mix 3: Have a Very Merry Chrismukkah.

The Fox series, which ran from 2003-2007, is coming to the streaming service as part of a larger licensing deal with Warner Bros. Television. Episodes will be available to both subscription and non-subscription viewers, Vulture reports. You can actually watch them on CW's The Seed site right now, but have you ever done that in your entire life? What's more, the Hulu-Warner Bros. deal will further simplify your streaming needs with new availability of long-gone gems Smallville and Southland, another excellent series starring O.C. star Ben McKenzie.

Here's just 10 things we can't wait to re-experience when we watch the entire series again from the beginning — and if you're a first timer, BUCKLE UP and get ready for:

  1. Ryan Atwood's tough yet gentle-hearted demeanor
  2. Big fancy parties at which two people fight and fall into a swimming pool (the third act of virtually every episode)
  3. The one where Summer dresses up as Wonder Woman when she and Anna are fighting over Seth Cohen, because they suddenly realize he's not a gross nerd like the show purports and is in fact extremely hot
  4. The one where Marissa overdoses in Tijuana and Ryan rescues her, literally carrying her instead of emotionally carrying her like he does in every other episode
  5. That FIRE soundtrack, so many mid '00s hits
  6. A weird daydream where you maybe kind of imagine Sandy Cohen was YOUR dad?
  7. Mild confusion when you realize Marissa's little sister Kaitlyn was played by a tiny Shailene Woodley (yup) in the first season, and then reappears much older and played by Arrow's Willa Holland in Season 3
  8. The scandalous antics of one Julie Cooper, who'll sleep with her daughter's ex one moment and marry her friend's father the next
  9. Further confusion midway through Season 3 when a main character switches schools, and you literally recognize no one onscreen for minutes at a time, nor do you care about them
  10. The bittersweet sorrow of the series end, even though it started going off the rails two seasons in just like certain other Ryan Schwartz-created shows we could mention (*cough* GOSSIP GIRL *cough)

Oh, how I've missed it.

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