Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson returned to host Saturday Night Live last night (March 28) and kept us laughing throughout the whole episode.

While he got lots of chuckles by impersonating Barack Obama as the Hulk again, it was the action star's spoof on the 1942 classic Disney animated film Bambi that really made us LOL. Playing on the original story, the trailer for the "live-action version" showed the orphaned fawn as an older and much buffer deer, out to seek vengeance for the death of his mother, which was conveyed with a deer's head mounted on the wall. Vin Diesel (played by Taran Killam) co-stars as Thumper; Tyrese Gibson (played by Jay Paroah) as Flower; and Michelle Rodriguez (played by Cecily Strong) as Faline, "The Girl Bambi."

Set during hunting season, Bambi and his forest friends make a plan to take over a hunting lodge, which ends up in a big gun fight. The overly dramatic interpretation of the film is so ridiculous that you kind of wish it really will be hitting theaters in June 2016. Besides the epic trailer, Ludacris made a "cameo" in the trailer promoting his new single for the film, "Wham Bam, Bambi." See the full skit above.

This was The Rock's fourth time hosting SNL, and it's clear he's a pro at making people laugh. During his monologue, Johnson mentioned another thing he's really good at: starring in blockbuster franchises. This led to a "Franchise Viagra" medley — complete with four female backup singers — where he appealed to the makers of Frozen and Avatar — to cast him in their next installments. You can see the full performance below.