Rap fans rejoice! "The World's Greatest Hip-Hop Band" the Roots are back in the studio working on their follow-up to their Grammy-nominated LP 'How I Got Over.' This will be the Philadelphia band's 13th album, and depending on how superstitious you are, that number could either bring you bad luck or good luck.

Roots member Questlove is hoping for the latter, as the group enters into the early recording stages of the project. The drummer went on his Twitter page Tuesday night (July 26) and posted a photo of his drum kit with a note, "Lord please help me not squander my gifts & put my best foot forward." Questo also dropped a video snippet of a funky little song that features Roots-affiliated rhyme-spitter Dice Raw. We couldn't make out what he was rapping about, but it sounded raw -- all puns intended!

Album jinxes aside, we are not worried about the Roots' new album not living up to their glorious hip-hop reputation. If 'Undun' sounds anything like their last effort 'How I Got Over,' then it's going to be another classic under their belts. And seriously, have the Roots ever put out a bad album? Keep those updates coming Questlove!

Watch a Sneak Peak of the Roots' Recording Session