The Saturdays complain about how difficult it is to find a quality 'Gentleman' this day and age on their new single of the same name.

Unfortunately, they are not complaining about Psy and his "gentlemanly" antics showcased in his latest single and video. (Because that would be hilarious, right?) Instead, they throw shade at a guy who not only cheats on his girlfriend but can't commit even after "you got his baby."

The most catchy, and slightly irritable part is the chorus -- a spitfire spoken-word bit: "A gentleman is so 1995, so hard for a girl to find / A real husband is so 1999, so hard for a girl to find." They deliver it in unison, which makes the production sound a bit linear. These girls have killer voices and harmonies which leads us to the question -- why are they not using their assets?

Still, they deliver an entertaining and funky rap bit at the end, where they mention universal heartthrobs Ryan Gosling (swoon!), Robert Pattison and Channing Tatum. But then there's randoms, like Ludacris, a Jonas Brother (without mentioning which one?!) and … Larry King? Girls, girls, Larry King?! *No comment*

There's some snarky tidbits too, like the innuendo in the opening line of the first verse: "You're not a lady if you're always on your knees / Shouldn't have to beg a gentleman," as well as their sass on: "I'll let you taste my rainbow / You could at least be faithful." But like the production, this single overall falls flat.

Honestly, we loooove these girls, but we're predicting the track won't garner nearly as much hype as the dance-driven 'What About Us.' Plus, there's a major discrepancy: Whether it's the '90s or today, there will always be douchebags. The upside is that those jerks make the gentlemans look that much better!

Listen to the Saturdays, 'Gentleman'