All-girl U.K. group the Saturdays have dropped their new video for 'My Heart Takes Over,' which appears on their upcoming studio album 'On Your Radar.' In the video, the gorgeous quintet is fully decked out in designer fur, boots, coats and hats as they sing their lungs out in the stormy countryside.

Throughout most of the video, the girls are pictured alone as they each face their own personal obstacle, which are represented by natural elements like strong winds, rough tides, and a downpour of snow. 'My Heart Takes Over' is a heart-wrenching breakup ballad, and the video visually translates the emotional weight that the sorry carries.

Although the video is meant to invoke feelings of loss and heartache, it's hard to believe that any of these girls have had their hearts broken. The Saturdays' designer gear, perfectly tousled hair, and overall supermodel appearance isn't the most convincing "scorned lover" act -- far from the smudged mascara, puffy red eye look that the average girl sports after a breakup.

'My Heart Takes Over' is the third single off of the Saturdays' upcoming 'On Your Radar' album, following 'Notorious' and 'All Fired Up.' 'On Your Radar' will be made available to music fans on Nov. 21.

Watch the Saturdays 'My Heart Takes Over' Video