The Saturdays try to revive a struggling relationship on 'My Heart Takes Over,' a new track from the girl-group's next studio album.

Chances are you've never heard of the Saturdays, but the ladies are huge in Britain, where they've scored 10 Top 10 hits in just the past three years. 'My Heart Takes Over' was produced by Steve Mac, who has collaborated with Cobra Starship and Kelly Clarkson, according to Arjan Writes.

The song follows the typical late '90s boy-band pop song template, with solo vocalists singing the verses, which lead into an explosive chorus featuring harmony from all five members:

"Cause if there's a chance we might've missed / And if there's a ray of light in this / Baby, you should know that this is where my heart takes over / And if there's a small piece left of us / Somewhere in the matters we have lost / Baby look at me cause this is where my heart takes over."

The hook is decent, but it's not enough to carry a so-so song that feels stuck in a time warp. The track would have fit in nicely on a Backstreet Boys album in 1999, but now, it's well behind the times.

'My Heart Takes Over' appears on the Saturdays' upcoming third album, 'On Your Radar,' which comes out in November.

Listen to the Saturdays, 'My Heart Takes Over'