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The lovely ladies of the Saturdays stopped by the PopCrush offices in N.Y.C. for some more fun and games, and thank God for Frankie, it didn't involve balloons this time -- if you've seen our Pop the Question vignette (link below), Ms. Sandford is absolutely terrified of the sound of balloons popping.

This time around, Una, Mollie, Rochelle, Vanessa and Frankie played Name That Tune and Musical Charades, delivering some major laughs as they tried to guess song titles by way of kazoos and silly hand gestures. These girls are seriously such good sports, we should give them a trophy next time they come in.

First up was Name That Tune, and instead of simply having the girls sing a few verses or hum a beat from our bucket o' songs, we equipped them with some plastic party instruments, like kazoos, tambourines and trumpets.

After some hilarious performances from the other four ladies -- Una totally killed on the kazoo and tambo, which she took home for her adorable little daughter, Aoife -- poor Frankie had some trouble figuring out how to play her funny little instruments. However, the gorgeous Brits and Irish gal all turned it out in the end, showing off their musical prowess in a very funny fashion, while of course looking super fashionable, as well.

Next up, the Sats partook in a bit of Musical Charades, where each member of the quintet was asked to pick a random song name out of our bucket of secrets. Then, they had to try and act the song title, while the others tried to figure out what the heck they were doing.

We don't want to give away too much, but Una is obviously a charades master, as she made the classic "song" symbol at the beginning of her round (which was funny since they're all songs). However, Mollie is not as well-versed in the party game, as she immediately guessed "banana."

You'll just have to watch for yourself to see what else happens! Check out Name That Tune above, and Musical Charades below, and watch the Saturdays work it out.

Watch the Saturdays Play Musical Charades
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