The Script's new video, 'Nothing,' finds the Irish band engaging in a night of drinking to drown their sorrows about an ex-girlfriend who has moved on.

The video is a literal interpretation of the lyrics, in which singer Danny O'Donoghue refuses to accept that his love interest no longer shares his feelings. He sings, "And I know that I'm drunk but I’ll say the words / And she'll listen this time even though they’re slurred / Dialed her number and confessed to her / I'm still in love, but all I heard was nothing."

The clip follows O'Donoghue and his bandmates as they throw back a few alcoholic drinks at a pub, then head out into the streets of London, with the singer pleading for a chance to "change her mind."

Before long, a despondent Danny O ends up atop a bridge. As his mates rush to stop him from jumping, he takes a dive into the water. Fortunately, the bridge isn't very high, so he's quickly rescued and pulled to dry ground.

But while he's underwater, O'Donoghue has visions of seeing the girl he desires, who's wearing a bright gold sequin outfit. They share an underwater kiss before he's pulled out of the river and the vision ends. Seemingly unfazed, O'Donoghue continues singing even while soaking wet. That guy sure is a trooper!

'Nothing' appears on the Script's latest album, 'Science & Faith,' which has already produced a few hits and led to a high-profile 'Today' show gig.

Watch the Script 'Nothing' Video