It was a rough night for Paula Abdul and her groups on 'X Factor,' as the artists with the lowest scores were hers! Stereo Hogzz didn't impress America as much with their performance last night, and neither did Intensity. As a result, both of the groups had to go head-to-head and perform for their lives tonight. One won't be back next week, at the behest of the judges.

The Hogzz had a chance to redeem themselves with their romantic, sweet and utterly touching rendition of Destiny's Child's 'Emotion.' The five-piece made the most of their chance. While they grooved hard last night, they shifted gears tonight by slowing things down and showing off their tender and sensitive sides. The group clearly has a firm grip on dynamics, since the can go hard or soft effectively.

We were somewhat perplexed that the Hogzz were in the bottom, since we thought they had the "wow" factor last night. It's due in large part to that expert choreography. So we're not quite sure why they were voted so low; even the judges felt they were better than some signed and touring groups working today after they rocked it last night. Regardless, their harmonizing was quite pretty on tonight's elimination episode.

Luckily, that understated but well-down and perfectly choreographed version was enough to send them through to next week.