Arizona rockers The Summer Set premiered their video for the summer love anthem 'Someone Like You.' The video is shot from the perspective of a mystery man, who wakes up next to the girl of his dreams in a light-filled bedroom. The two love birds get into typical puppy love shenanigans throughout the video -- running on the beach, taking pictures, driving with no hands on the steering wheel (though we wouldn't recommend that).

The couple seems to be falling in love as the frontman croons, "Cause the little things don't mean much to me / My girl, I'd cross the whole world for someone like you / Oh oh, no matter where I go, oh oh / My unpredictable girl, you're impossible girl."

Finally, we get to see who the "unpredictable girl" has been palling around with and, surprise surprise, it's lead singer Brian Dales! The leading lady then turns her old-school video camera on the band's performance and we see the group perform in grainy, retro home-movie style.

According to the band's Myspace page, the Summer Set is touring this summer with We The Kings in support of their sophomore album 'Everything's Fine,' which is due out July 19.

Watch the Summer Set 'Someone Like You' Video