Don't call them the Ting Tangs -- that's not their name. We're pumped up for the new year, because the Ting Tings are releasing a new album! 'Sounds From Nowheresville' will impact just as the ice begins to melt off your car.

The British duo's sophomore album is said to be more sophisticated than the first, thanks to a little inspiration from the Beastie Boys' 'Paul’s Boutique' record. Jules De Martino and Katie White have reinvented their sound to give some fresh perspective on what their group is all about. The Ting Tings are kicking things off with a first single called 'Hang it Up.'

If the 'Sounds From Nowheresville' cover is any indication of the music it contains, well, color our interests piqued. The lead off photo -- and the album art -- came from the hand of talented art students. The cover shows Jules and Katie skeletal style, though still pimping their usual hipster attire.

The Ting Tings 'Sounds From Nowheresville' will for sure hit in March, though no absolute release date has been announced.