Previously on 'The Vampire Diaries,' Silas, Katsia and Amara died, Bonnie came back to life and Katherine started going gray. Now that the Silas drama has officially come to a close, it's only a matter of time before our supernatural friends find a whole new web of secrets to get themselves entangled in.

First, we check back in with Jesse, who is currently suffering at the hands of Dr. Maxfield (for the second week in a row, so unfair!). Dr. Maxfield has turned Jesse into his own personal vamp to experiment on. The problem with turning someone into a vampire, of course, is the super-strength that they acquire once they turn. Jesse breaks out of his shackles, attacks Dr. Maxfield and heads out the door. A rogue vampire on a college campus? Yeah, this can't end well.

Now that Bonnie is no longer dead, she's ready to take life by the horns. That means a new haircut (thumbs up!) and finally getting around to Skyping all of the people that she couldn't when she was hanging out on the other side. She's even ditching course registration (which apparently is still happening weeks into the semester?) in order to make out with Jeremy in the quad.

But not everything is sunshine and rainbows for Bonnie. She's no longer a witch, but she is the anchor to the other side. And that means that when an old lady is ready to cross over, she has to cross over through Bonnie... which really, really hurts. Sigh. At least her besties are throwing her a "welcome-back-from-the-dead" party to dull the pain.

Elena runs into her new friend Aaron (aka Dr. Maxfield's legal son) and invites him to Bonnie's party. Aaron's not so into it, but thank God Elena has that whole "power of compulsion" thing going on because she coerces him into accepting her invite (apparently the free beer wasn't enough of a pull). But it's not just Aaron that Elena wants at the party -- she wants Damon to invite Stefan, too. Too bad that Stefan is kind of depressed due to the fact that he finally remembers just how much his life sucks.

Caroline is thrilled when Jesse calls her cell (he's gorgeous, so I don't blame her), but unfortunately it's not a booty call he's after. He needs Caroline to intervene before he eats his roommate. (Ah, vampire problems.) Jesse fills Caroline and Elena in on all of Dr. Maxfield's crazy experiments, and the vampire gal pals tell him that the first rule of being a vampire is realizing how "awesome you are". (Uh, does Elena not remember any of her first few months as a vampire?)

Katherine heads to the Mystic Grill to drink with the only person sadder than her: Stefan. Stefan confides in Katherine about his PTSD -- he thought that killing Silas would be the end of his pain, but it's only the beginning.

Caroline and Elena may have had Jesse heal Dr. Maxfield, but Dr. Maxfield isn't out of the woods yet. Damon heads to Dr. Maxfield's lab to torture him until he reveals all there is to know about Whitmore College and its connection the vampires. It turns out that Dr. Maxfield wanted to create a vampire that wouldn't be a threat to humans. How? By creating vampires that have a taste for the blood of other vampires.

Back at the Mystic Grill, Katherine, her daughter Nadia, Matt and Stefan gather to finally cleanse Matt of the traveler, Gregor, living inside his head. Katherine draws Gregor out of Matt. He admits that after Silas died, he was told by the travelers to kill Katherine. Katherine stabs Gregor (in Matt's body, but "Matt will be fine," because reasons) and releases his spirit. Katherine has the only knife that can kill a passenger, and Gregor wanted it. Unfortunately, Katherine also happened to kill her only daughter's true love, and Nadia is super pissed about it.

Bonnie is getting used to life as the anchor. She has a lovely chat with the witch who passed through her to the other side. She tells Bonnie that the pain is gone now, and that being dead isn't so bad.

While Bonnie is chatting with the dead, Caroline is dancing super close with Jesse. As vampires, their emotions are all the more heightened. Caroline pulls Jesse in for a kiss. It's great, until Jesse gets a little too rough with Caroline and bites her. Jesse, realizing that it's actually vampire blood that he craves, bolts out of the party.

Meanwhile, Elena bonds with Aaron over their mutual tragic pasts. Aaron has a particularly dark sob story. A camping trip turned really, really dark when vampires (or "a bear," the way Aaron tells it) attacked his parents. We have a feeling that there is a deeper connection between Aaron and Elena... let's just hope that it wasn't Damon who murdered Aaron's parents.

Jesse heads to Dr. Maxfield's lab, where he sees Damon mid-torture. Jesse is sad because Dr. Maxfield made him want to drink from the one girl that he actually likes. (Aww!) But as much as Damon dislikes Dr. Maxfield, Damon promised Elena that he would keep Dr. Maxfield alive. He attacks Jesse in order to stop Jesse from ripping off Maxfield's head.

Unfortunately, Jesse is way stronger than even Damon realized. Because of Dr. Maxfield's experiments, Jesse has become a super vampire. He attacks Damon, nearly killing him... until Elena spots them fighting in the hall. She grabs a stake and stabs Jesse, killing him. (Seriously, show?!)

Caroline sees them and rushes over to Jesse. She watches as Jesse turns gray. Caroline stares at Elena in horror. Elena tells Caroline that Jesse would have killed Damon, but it doesn't matter to her. "The Elena I used to know would have given Jesse a chance." says Caroline. Major burn, but not totally untrue.

Meanwhile, at the Mystic Grill, Stefan spots a note left by Katherine to Nadia. It turns out that Katherine is done running from the travelers... and she's going to jump off the clock tower to her death. Luckily for her, Stefan is always down to play the hero. Just before Katherine hits the pavement, Stefan sweeps her up.

Poor Bonnie. All she wants to do is get it on with Jeremy (finally!). Sadly, Bonnie's lovefest with Jeremy is interrupted by Jesse, crossing over to the other side. How many times will this happen to them? (This is way worse than a roommate walking in on them... you can't put a sock on the door to warn the dead.)

Next week, we learn that Damon has history with the Augustine society... and that Dr. Maxfield gets him on the table. How will Damon fare with being the subject of the experiment?