Previously on 'The Vampire Diaries', Elena makes a deal with Silas to bring Bonnie back from the dead . Will he follow through?

Tonight we find Katherine much perkier than we left her last week. She is so thrilled that she didn't die during Damon's blood sacrifice that she's hitting the carbs like crazy at diner. Unfortunately, her Lumberjack meal is put aside when she finds a long strand of gray hair in her brown locks. Box of dye in hand, she heads to Whitmore College to shower in her doppelganger Elena's dorm.

When she finds Caroline, we learn that Caroline is moving out, terrified that she and Elena will become victims of Dr. Maxfield. Katherine tells Caroline that she can't run from Whitmore without a proper fight — that's just very un-Caroline of her, after all. So, Katherine and Caroline hit Dr. Maxfield's lab, syringe-needle in hand, and knock the mad scientist out cold (these two really need to team off more often).

Silas is back and enjoying every moment of his new witchy life... because he knows that it can finally end soon. That's all well and good, but Damon and Elena are concerned about him holding up his end of the bargain before he finally kicks the bucket (“You are kind of evil”, says Elena, who finally realizes the problem with relying on the bad guy). But Silas insists that they shouldn't worry: he'll bring Bonnie back from the dead... once he finds the anchor, which is currently in “Snooki's backyard” (aka, New Jersey). Damon and Silas head out to find the anchor, leaving Elena behind. Unfortunately for Silas, Tessa is determined to keep Silas from accessing the anchor, which would allow him to destroy the purgatory that awaits for him on the other side.

Poor Elena. All she wants is to have a good day. Instead, Tessa tricks Elena into entering the cabin that her and Silas are shacked up in, knowing that Silas has enchanted it so that no one can leave til sunset. Now she has to watch Tessa and Stefan get cozy on the couch and talk about ordering a pizza which she can't even eat. So sad.

Damon, Jeremy, and Silas hit the warehouse in New Jersey to find the mysterious anchor. Too bad no one knows what the anchor actually is. Ghost-Bonnie tells Jeremy not to be so quick to trust Silas, or to have him perform the spell. She'd rather die many times over if it meant being able to see Jeremy alive and well. (Oh, Bonnie. So selfless, even in death.)

While Silas is busy crushing boxes in the warehouse, Tessa calls Damon: she wants Damon to kill Silas immediately, before he can destroy the purgatory that awaits him. If he doesn't kill Silas, then it is bye-bye, Elena. “With a face like Amara's, it might be cathartic”, hisses Tessa. (God, it must suck to be a doppelganger). Naturally, Elena is pretty bummed about this.

But killing Silas isn't quite as easy as it seems. Once Damon heads back to the warehouse, he comes across two travelers who render him useless in the sun. They don't want Silas dead yet. That doesn't work for Damon... so he kills them.

Katherine and Caroline are busy playing doctor on Dr. Maxfield, draining his blood so that the vervain leaves his system and they can compel him to forget. Dr. Maxfield tells Katherine — whom he assumes is Elena — that his secret society is convinced that the girls are vampires. But, of course, Katherine isn't a vampire... making it easy to prove to the club that Elena isn't one either. She hits the secret society party dressed as Elena (lots of floral and bouncy hair). She does the first thing that any growing girl would do to prove that she isn't a vampire: hits the buffet, of course. As she's shoveling food down her throat, Aaron, Dr. Maxfield's son, says hello. While Katherine is busy grilling him for information, she coughs... and spits out a tooth.

Now that Dr. Maxfield has bled out, Caroline starts asking him about the secret society, which she learns is called the “Augustine”. Oh, and the Augustine? They happen to have their very own vampire... the vampire that murdered Caroline and Elena's roommate.

Stefan and Tessa have been busy cozying up in front of Elena. But while Elena thinks that Stefan is being cuddly with Tessa in order to make her jealous, she's wrong: Stefan tricked Tessa into thinking he hated Elena in order to save her. Stefan stabs Tessa in the stomach, and tells Elena to run out of the cabin.

But while Tessa may have been tricked by Stefan, she's far from dumb. Her final genius move to screw over Silas and his great love, Amara? Make Amara's immortal body the anchor. If Silas wants to die, he has to kill Amara in order to do so. (Brilliant, right? I mean, in an evil way, of course).

Silas releases Amara from her tomb. She's woozy and looks an awful lot like Katherine... and Elena. Silas and Amara embrace. He tells her that he would have died for her. But only one of them can die — Tessa made only one cure for immortality. Which sucks for Silas, because it looks like Amara isn't quite as lovestruck as he thought. Instead of choosing to live with Silas, Amara stabs Silas and drinks his blood in order to die. But she doesn't die. Instead, Damon kidnaps Amara. This means we have not one but two Elena doppelgangers running around (it's turning into 'Orphan Black' up in here).

Speaking of doppelgangers, Katherine returns to Dr. Maxfield in order to make a bargain for her life. If Dr. Maxfield can keep Katherine from dying — or losing any more teeth — then she won't tell anyone about the Augustine society or his vampire experiment on Jesse. Sounds fair.

Stefan returns to Tessa and apologizes for the whole “stabbing thing”. He offers to heal her wound, but Tessa doesn't want that: she wants to remember the pain that goes along with Stefan and Silas. As retribution, Tessa decides to return Stefan's memories to him... all of them, good and bad. And with Stefan? Let's just say that they are mostly terrible.

Basically, nothing worked out for anyone this week. Sigh. Let's hope that next week the stars align a little better for our vampires. (Okay, who are we kidding?)