Get ready to swoon! The Vamps' Connor Ball covered Fall Out Boy's 'Young Volcanoes,' and he sounds and looks amazing!

While no one can doubt that the Vamps are a talented bunch of guys -- just check out their live performance of 'Somebody to You' with Fifth Harmony, or Brad Simpson's own cover of George Ezra's 'Budapest' -- it's still nice to be reminded that this is one gifted boy band.

Connor has provided another reminder for fans with the release of a brand new cover. In the vid, he grabs his guitar and a mic and sits on a seaside wall to bust out a rendition of Fall Out Boy's 'Young Volcanoes,' the band's last single from their 2013 studio album 'Save Rock and Roll.'

The tone of Connor's voice is perfect for the pop-punk song, and the stripped down version is a very cool take on the original. Plus, there's just something about a boy bander rocking out on an acoustic guitar in front of a harbor that plucks at our heartstrings!

Check out Connor's cover of 'Young Volcanoes' above!

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