UPDATE: Cody Simpson won Round 1 and has moved on to the semi-finals. Vote for him here!

It's Brit vs. Aussie in this face-off of PopCrush's Prom King and Queen of 2014 competition. James McVey of the Vamps is up against Cody Simpson for the title of Prom King! Who will be voted on to Round 2?

While we love all of the guys in the Vamps, we could highlight only one member of the band in the PopCrush Prom King and Queen competition. We decided to put James McVey in this poll over his bandmates simply because he's got more of a history with PopCrush. Remember that time he took over our Twitter account? Judging by his willingness to talk to just about everyone on Twitter, we'd guess that he'd be a social kid at school. Combine that with classic good looks and a fun personality, and he's a perfect fit for the Prom King ballot! If the race gets close, he can always call on Brad, Tristan and Connor to help vote for him. And how awesome would it be if the Vamps actually performed live at prom?

Meanwhile, Cody Simpson has been turning up the heat with his new 'Surfboard' video! He'd make one dreamy Prom King, aye? The singer really could prove to be a fierce competitor in this prom battle once his Angels start voting! Plus, Cody probably picked up some serious dance techniques during his recent stint on 'Dancing With the Stars.' Since the prom is a school dance, those new skills could prove useful in winning over the ladies who need to decide who's getting their votes.

Which young pop star has your vote for PopCrush’s Prom King of 2014: James or Cody? The winner of this round will continue on in the competition, going up against another artist in Round 2. Cast your votes now! Keep in mind that you are allowed to vote up to once per hour and that this round of voting ends Tuesday, May 13, at 12PM ET.