If you're sick of music-themed reality shows, you may dig this one. College Humor put together an almost believable faux show called 'The Vibe.' It's similar to other singing competitions ... But with a twist. The judges not only can't see their contestants, but they can't hear them, either.

"Most singing reality shows, they're only about the image," singer and 'Vibe' judge Lisa Loeb says. "But 'The Vibe' is different."

"On 'The Vibe,' auditions are 100 percent pure," fellow judge Bobby Brackins adds.

The show posits judges in chambers that keep them from hearing or seeing contestants, poking fun at NBC's blind auditions on 'The Voice.' When the first contestant, a young British caucasian man named Phillip auditions, Loeb gets the wrong vibe from him. "I I think she's a middle aged black woman ... maybe older -- yeah!" When Phillip points out that her assessment couldn't be further from the truth, Loeb remains oblivious: "I have no idea what's going on, but you're gonna be a star, sister."

"We're not influenced by phony stuff, like age, clothes, or the pitch and tone of their singing," judge DJ Mike Catherwood deadpans. "Imaginary people that materialize in our heads after sitting in an utter black void for four hours."

"The only thing that matters on 'The Vibe' is the music," Brackins says. "Or, you know, the music we sense as we spend our days in inky nothingness."

The show, like 'X Factor,' 'American Idol' and 'The Voice,' also features guest judges, including country hitmaker Chuck Wicks. Wicks describes his stint as "the most horrifying experience of my life." Check out the hilarious clip below!

Watch 'The Vibe' Mock Promo