When we heard the words "family band" and "mother-daughter duo" on 'The Voice' tonight, we weren't sure what to expect from 2Steel Girl's blind audition. However, Allison and Krystal Steel (mother and daughter, respectively), quickly proved that they had some serious pipes when they began to belt out Carrie Underwood's angry, scorned lover anthem 'Before He Cheats.' 

First of all, Allison Steel is no ordinary mother, meaning that she's totally hot. Together, she and her daughter make one good-looking pair of country gals! Before they stepped out onto the stage, Mama Steel spoke of their dedication and the struggles of being a family band, saying, "It's been a huge struggle to make money. We have been through a lot of stuff to do what we love to do."

2Steel Girls stepped onto 'The Voice' stage looking both sexy and sweet, with Allison rocking thigh-high leather boots and a black leather jacket, while Krystal donned a white dress and black heels.  Their voices sounded very different on their own -- Allison's is much deeper while Krystal has a lighter tone -- but when they belted it in unison, man did they belt it. They sounded awesome together, and really gave the emotional song their all.

Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green loved what they heard from 2Steel Girls and both turned their chairs, which obviously made the ladies light up. "That song was so good," Green told them. "I was so moved by it. The both of you equally sound really, really good." But Blake Shelton, who could probably sell a jar of honey to a beehive, was once again the smoothest talker of them all. The ladies totally bought his pitch, and rightfully so: "The most important thing is to protect you two and how close you are. I want to be the guy who protects your mother-daughter relationship in a savage angry world of entertainment."

So now there are three (or should we say four?) country singers on Blake Shelton's team! Will two prove better than one, as in will 2Steel Girls be able to beat out the solo acts? We'll have to wait and see!