On tonight's (April 22) Battle Round episode of 'The Voice,' the teams cannibalized themselves and each other, so to speak. As is customary, the coaches had to send singers up against one another and there were several steals. Find out how things shook out.


Midas Whale vs. Patrick Dodd:  The cleverly named duo Midas Whale -- get it? -- teamed up with the soulful singer Dodd for the Elvis Presley classic 'Burning Love.' A. Lev said it was his hardest battle round in four seasons and he wanted to vomit from the nerves. He ended up choosing the Whale. [MIDAS WHALE WINS!]

Steal: Levine stole Orlando Dixon from Usher, since Dixon clearly wants success so badly and is crazy good. The combo of hunger and talent means he has a great chance of winning.


Jacqui Sandel vs. Savannah Berry: The ladies sang Little Big Town's 'Little White Church,' which is ripe for a vocal battle. It was a typical Sheltonian country battle, where both ladies put their best boot forward. Berry, who wants nothing more than to be a country superstar, delivered the song with terrific inflections, so she prevailed. [SAVANNAH WINS!]

Steal: Although both Shelton and Usher wanted to steal Edgemon, it was Shelton who nabbed the singer, because of his sell and the fact that he won twice. Usher soft sold and was rejected by Luke for the second time this season. Now that's uncivilized. You don't kick Usher Raymond to the curb twice and live to tell about it! This was Shelton's final steal of the season.


Jessica Childress vs. Vedo: The singers tore it up on Bruno Mars' 'Locked Out of Heaven.' Usher chose Vedo since he felt he could make it through to the end, and because he felt the passion connected with the audience watching at home. Childress, though, was a class act, gracious in defeat and celebrating Vedo's win. [VEDO WINS]

Steal: Usher stole C. Perkins from Shakira at the last possible minute. The singer was walking off the stage, his head hung in defeat, when Usher smashed his buzzer. The crooner wanted to let Perkins feel what it was like to "lose" this so he would never forget it and never ever lose sight of his passion. Nice move, Ush!

Orlando Dixon vs. Ryan Innes: They sang 'Ain't No Sunshine,' and the task was to make sure that making the listener believed that losing "her" means finding "you." Dixon's voice is amazing, but it was also his shield. He's broke, so he needs to advance. Innes connects no matter what he sings and can build a performance around a single note. He was sort of a lock, but Orlando was a revelation, too. [RYAN WINS!]


Luke Edgemon vs. Monique Abbadie: The twosome sang Lady Gaga's 'You & I,' which is her torchy, lovelorn ballad. During boot camp, Edgemon showed off newness every time he sang, while Abbadie overthought it and got "Broadway." It felt like a little somethin' somethin' was going on when they sang, but everyone believed Luke killed it. Shak picked Monique because she knew that one of the other coaches would "steal" Luke. Was that smart? No way. [MONIQUE WINS!]

C. Perkins vs. Kris Thomas: The crooners faced off with 'I Will Rain,' the second Bruno Mars track of the night. They held back a little during the performance, but Kris won Shak over. [KRIS WINS!]

Tune in tomorrow night for more of the battles.

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