Tonight (March 26) marked the final battle round for Season 2 of 'The Voice.' We move onto the live rounds next week with each coach outfitted with a six member team. But tonight, Cee Lo Green cried. Twice. Christina Aguilera offered up strange a but fun-to-watch pairing. So did Blake Shelton. His bromantic partner Adam Levine was tough on his own pairs in effort to end up with the best team.

The real fun will begin next week, but for now, here's the scintillating PopCrush recap of what down on the final battle round. We know that rhymes. We drop lyrical science like 'The Voice' singers rip through vocal runs.

Team Cee Lo Green:

James Massone and Wade went up against one another on Cyndi Lauper's 'True Colors.' Massone was really nervous and uncomfortable at the thought of singing the song, while Wade was a natural fit for this style. Cee Lo cried in rehearsals because they were both damn good. Massone's confidence rose to the top during the perf, while Wade was a bit pitchy. Massone's comfort in front of crowd helped him snare the win.

Tony Vincent, the Broadway singer, and Justin Hopkins, a gruff, bearded talent, were battlers on Journey's ballad 'Faithfully,' which Cee to the Lo wanted them to "tear down." Vincent has massive range which he honed and cultivated through his theater background, but that didn't mean he would prevail since Hopkins sings from the gut with a bit of gruff. Their rehearsal also brought Cee Lo to tears. He was an emotional dude tonight. He was torn up when he chose Tony over Justin.

Team Adam Levine:

Nursing student Mathai and country girl Nicolle Galyon battled, singing Sara Bareilles' 'Love Song.' It was a rather dull battle and their coach acknowledged that he was a bit disappointed by it and that the rehearsals were much better. Like how do you make a perky piano song sound so "meh?" But that's just what these talented ladies did. Levine chose Mathai since she was more dynamic whereas Gallyon was a bit too straightforward.

Orlando Napier and Karla Davis were supposed to rock Hall & Oates' hit 'Rich Girl' for Levine's final battle but the range was too high, so he switched it to 'Easy' by The Commodores. While Naprier seemed to have the clear edge and was dominant during his performance, Levine instead chose Karla because she was a bit more interesting to him overall.

Team Christina Aguilera:

She paired Moses Stone, a rapper, and The Line, a country duo, for her final battle. She made them sing 'Satisfaction' by the Rolling Stones. Say what? How the hell did that work? Well, it's not as strange or unusual as you might think. Remember, Jason Aldean did collaborate with Ludacris, so country-rap pairings are in vogue. Xtina said that being able step out of your box and comfort zone and to sing any style is the essence of 'The Voice' to her. That's why she chose Moses Stone because he was a true performer who tried new things and took risks to show he could sing in addition to rap.

Team Blake Shelton:

Jordan Rager, a country singer, and Naia Kete, a street musician, were asked to sing Jason Mraz's 'I'm Yours,' a summery ode to love. It was a song tailor-made for Naia, since it has that loose, reggae vibe. There were some pitch issues during the performance for Rager, while she missed a handful of notes altogether, since she was nervous. Shelton did choose Naia over the country boy, and she felt bad that she wasn't selected because she was great. She was simply better than he is at this point.