Week 2 of the blind auditions of 'The Voice' kicked off tonight (April 1) and it boasted the best phrases of the season ... so far. Blake Shelton said he had to contend with "Gusher" in his ear. That was just brilliant! But then Ush suggested that Shelton and Adam Levine get themselves into couple's therapy, which could not have been more astute of an observation.

The pop-leaning coaches, especially Levine, tried to wrest country acts away from Shelton in order to shake things up, and when Levine succeeded in luring a twangy artist to his lair, he kept rubbing it in, especially since the singer, Warren Stone, was so darn good!

The intra-coach playfulness, and how they encourage one another to turn their chairs around for vocalists who fit their styles, is infinitely cute. This infusion of new blood from Shakira and Usher is revitalizing the show. Usher's effortless cool -- and how he sits with his leg up -- makes him a hoot to watch.

Our only beef? Why is Shak begging people to join her team? She should be turning people away, yet she is always pleading her case.

Here's how the teams filled up tonight.


Carina Iglesias: A. Lev felt the light fixtures were going to explode when Carina sang, which is why he wanted her on his team. He also got to steal her from Blake Shelton, which is always a plus on the show.

Duncan Kamakana: The folky Hawaiian singer did not have a televised audition, but he was plucked for Team Adam. We'll see him in future rounds.

Warren Stone: The country singer had a beautiful tone when he sang 'Colder Weather,' and there was so much ease in his voice. He didn't even break his concentration when all of the coaches turned their chairs, which is the mark of a true pro.


The Swon Brothers: The Bros. want to be "swinners" and they are from Oklahoma, like Shelton. They played guitar and soared through some twanged out classic rock in the form of 'American Girl.' They chose to keep it in the Okie family, despite interest (aka swivelled chairs) from Usher and Shakira.

Holly Tucker: The cowgirl boot wearer revealed started out singing in church, and her melodious vocal on Bob Dylan's 'Make You Feel My Love' got all four coaches to turn around for her. Shelton was the last to flip around, but only because he was trying to process the song. She said she wants her voice be instantly recognizable as a country voice, and that's why she chose Shelton despite A. Lev, Ush and Shak vying for her services.


Garrett Gardner: He auditioned during Season 3, but was not picked. He took Shelton's advice to practice, and got better. He belted out a bluesy version of the White Stripes' 'Seven Nation Army' and was worthy of a pick. Notice that it was a newbie coach who went with him.

J Sun: The soul singer, who didn't have a televised audition, joined Shakira's team, as well. We look forward to seeing what he does later on.


Taylor Beckham: Her take on blue-eyed soul (or red-haired soul since she boasts fire engine red locks) in the form of 'I'm Going Down' caused Usher Raymond and Shakira to fight over her. She's a former gymnast who prefers microphones to balance beams. Since Usher knows a thing or two about teenage talent, she went with him.

Chelsea M.: The pop singer didn't have a televised audition, but Blake and URIV fought over her, with Ush emerging the victor.

Michelle Chamuel: She sang 'I Kissed a Girl' in this strange amalgam of nerdy chic and post-punk rock fashion, rocking her cardigan and glasses. She stomped the earth with her performance and revealed that she wants to be electro-pop so she chose Usher Raymond. It was an odd choice on both ends, but hey, it might just work.

Tune in tomorrow night (April 2) for another round of blind auds.