The second week of 'The Voice' blind auditions were underway tonight (Feb. 13), and as usual, the coaches continued to banter, bicker and beg. But we also noticed that they encouraged one another to turn their chairs around for singers they think might work for their peers. So, the competition is somewhat friendly.

The coaches are filling up their teams slowly, steadily and surely. Cee Lo Green has expressed a need to create a team full of diversity, while Christina Aguilera want huge voices but is being pickier and more cautious since the talent is better and the stakes are higher this year. Adam Levine is very picky, and often turns his chair around towards the end of performances, while Blake Shelton goes on instinct and as soon as a voice hits him.

All that said, PopCrush is happy to provide this handy recap of tonight's blind audition performers:

Sarah Golden: During the interview portion, her face was never shown and she spoke about how she has been told she is not marketable since she's androgynous. She sang a twangy version of Lady Gaga's 'You & I' and called herself a folk singer. She chose Cee Lo over Shelton.

Elley Duhe: The pretty, curvy blonde, 19, quit school to pursue music with the full support of her family, who drove her to and from performances. She attempted Duffy's 'Mercy,' but she was shaky and off-key until the very last note. If she hit that high from the get-go, all the coaches might have turned their chairs around. Instead, none did.

Pip: This 19-year-old from Georgia sang 'House of the Rising Sun' while wearing a bow tie and suspenders. He had all four coaches fighting over him and pleading their cases. He chose Levine since he turned around first.

Erin Willett: She is close with her dad, who has stage four pancreatic cancer. She belted out Jackson 5's 'I Want You Back' with lots of blue-eyed soul. She has a hugely powerful voice, so Shelton chose her.

Katrina Parker: The North Cacalacka native, 34, moved to Hollywood to pursue her dreams. Carson Daly presented her with her audition invite at her cubicle/office job as an underwriter. She revealed that she had hidden mold in her home made her so sick she couldn't sing for two years. But she came alive when sang 'One of Us.' She's very adult contemporary, and Levine picked her because she is different.

David Grace: This 28-year-old Texan was a college football playing-jock. People think he works security or is a UFC fighter. But he rocked, singing Lynyrd Skynrd's 'Sweet Home Alabama.' He bent too many notes and didn't get picked. We liked him, though.

Geoff McBride: The soulful singer took on Stevie Wonder's 'Higher Ground' while wearing sunglasses, since they mask an old boxing injury. He chose Xtina as his coach.

Erin Martin: This former model, 27, sang 'Hey There Delilah' in a raspy, unique, bizarre, vibrato style a la Macy Gray. It was not an easy style to wrap one's head around, but Cee Lo was flirting heavily, calling her a "creature" and saying she belongs to him. She was a bit airheadish, but cute. She picked Cee Lo over Shelton.

James Massone: This 23-year-old body shop worker from Boston has the accent to boot. He sang 'Find Your Love' in a very Biebs-like style. The coaches were shocked he was white and had that much soul. Cee Lo, Christina and Blake wanted him, but he picked Cee Lo.

Winter Rae: The heavily-tattooed, blue-haired waitress looks like a quintessential rocker. Despite her edgy look, she's not a rock n' roll brawler or a band chick. Her style was R&B. Winter sang Rihanna's early hit 'Take a Bow' with a husky, smoky vocal that didn't get any of the coaches to turn their chairs around. She brought friend Perez Hilton to her audition, but that didn't earn any points.

Chris Cauley: This Atlanta-based R&B crooner was influenced by his grandmother and turned in a gorgeous, blue-eyed soul rendition of 'Grenade' that was butter smooth and consistent. He also sang the entire song, which we don't often see on 'The Voice.'

Nathan Parrett: He went to Adam's team after singing 'The Joker.'

Brian Fuente: This rocker with cool hair went to Shelton's team with a Grace Potter performance.

Moses Stone: The show's first-ever MC was picked by Aguilera, who has history with hip-hop artists and is looking for unique team members.

Jordis Unga: This L.A.-by-way-of-Minnesota singer belted out 'Maybe I'm Amazed' and her voice was so rich and beautiful, causing Blake to turn around before she finished the first bar. Cee Lo and Xtina turned their chairs around and Blake said that she is the kind of singer he is looking for and makes him want to be better. So naturally she picked him.

More next week...

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