The look on all four judge's faces as they spun around following 28-year-old Cameron Novack's performance on 'The Voice' Monday night was priceless. Sadly, the St. Louis native's expression was also memorable. He was visibly upset about being passed over after singing Alanis Morissette's 'You Oughta Know.'

Adam Levine said he didn't think Novack would look like he did. The others wondered how he was a man, not the breathy woman they thought they were listening too. Before all four had a chance to express regret for not hitting the plunger, Novack -- who calls himself the "jack of all genres" -- freestyled a ten second rap telling the judges they screwed up. He also sings opera.

Cee Lo Green agreed, and Levine led a charge to ignore the rules and allow Novack to stick around. Earlier the singer said he'd be shocked if he was ignored. "Right now I can visualize myself winning 'The Voice'," he said. It's possible he was overconfident, or perhaps his skin tight jeans (you could read the letters on his cell phone digits) constricted him.

Rules are rules however, and Green agreed that allowing an exception would compromise the show's integrity. The strawberry blonde struggled to offer a sincere "Thank you," as he marched off the stage, fuming into his girlfriend's arms. "Their loss," he said. Green agreed.