'The Voice' coaches are making their voices heard about the state of the music industry -- and their words aren't always pretty. The show's mentors -- Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton -- voiced their gripes about the business and told audiences why their show could save it.

While the coaches may disagree on the show, there's one thing they came to a consensus on: the music industry focuses too much on image and not enough on sound. "['The Voice'] really gives artists that aren't so mainstream or commercially approachable [a chance]," Aguilera told E! Online. "It's about taking it back to the real heart of music. We all are [drawn to packages]. But then again there's that raw talent that draws you in." Indeed, without 'The Voice,' it's unlikely that audiences would be graced with victor Javier Colon or finalist and fan favorite Beverly McClellan.

Fellow coach and 'Moves Like Jagger' duet partner Levine agreed. "I trust the show more than I trust the record industry at this point," echoed Levine. "I'm really passionate about this show being a new avenue [for new artists]."

When critics pointed out that last season's contestants' debut albums didn't chart well, the coaches didn't deny it -- but were quick to remind that quality of content is more important than quantities sold. "We can't control everything that happens in the record industry. You got to set it free at a certain point," Levine said. "You can't be there for every step of the way," he added. "I would like to see people be as successful as possible."

Host Carson Daly also came to the show's defense. "Those albums are arguably better than those in the Top 50, so it's all perspective," Daly said. "The music that [Season 1 contestants] put out, I would take that to a music street fight any day."

Perhaps to remedy the sales issue -- and simply to bring more variety to the show -- season two has a multitude of genres. "This year is so versatile. You have so many different kinds of genres," Aguilera said. While she wouldn't specify what kinds of new sounds we'll be graced with, eventually someone spilled that this season will feature a rapper.

Season two of 'The Voice' premieres Feb. 5, following the Super Bowl. Based on what we've heard -- from the new genres to the plethora of guest mentors -- we can't wait to see (and hear) what's in store!