'The Voice' runner up Dia Frampton is learning that the spoils do not always go to the victor of a reality  talent show.The singer, who placed second in the debut season of the show, is the subject of her own five-episode web series, called 'Dia's Next Stage.' It's like days in the life of Frampton, as the camera follows her while she works hard to push her career forward after 'The Voice.'

Given Frampton's super sweet voice and uber-likeable personality, we're perfectly happy to ride sidecar as she goes about her day in this five-minute clip.

The 'Don't Kick the Chair' singer shares that she is working on her first solo album. We see her engaged in the daily grind of being a performer and artist, which includes things like doing interviews, rehearsing and most importantly, finding the right dress to wear during a performance.

She thumbs through racks of gorgeous dresses, and says she is looking for something that doesn't show off 90 percent of her body and that is appropriate and comfortable since she'll likely be seated while playing a guitar. Frampton certainly knows what she wants.

We can't wait for Episode 2!

Watch Dia Frampton 'Dia's Next Stage' Webisode 1