More drama surrounds 'The Voice,' and this time it's not about Christina Aguilera feuding or beefing with contestants, visitors or Adam Levine. A source is claiming that execs at the show are not psyched that Jermaine Paul won, simply because he is too similar to Season 1 winner Javier Colon.

The source told RadarOnline, “Javier didn’t wow anyone with his post-Voice success," pointing out that runner up Dia Frampton sold more records and toured with her coach Blake Shelton. This is worrisome for the producers, who need "a success story for 'The Voice' winner.'

The show has done incredibly well, ratings-wise, despite these concerns. Even so, "execs will support [Paul] publicly," even if they are a bit nervous. The source claims that Juliet Simms, the runner up, was a favorite of the execs. They didn't fix the results to suit their preference, though. The insider defended the show's integrity, saying it "would never contrive anything. Jermaine won fair and square."

Is it us or does it make us think that the source was someone close to Juliet and this is sour grapes?

Despite all the good surrounding the show, the formula for Season 3 might be tweaked to address these worries. "The formula is flawed. Juliet Simms and Jamar Rogers were two of the best and both should have been in the final four. But they were both on the same team, so it couldn’t work. That’s something they’re working on fixing for the next season.”

Uh, that's the point, isn't it? To have competition within the teams?

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