Tension between judges reached a fever pitch early on Sunday night's season premiere of 'The Voice.' Coaches Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera traded barbs over 25-year-old rocker Juliet Simms, who sang the Beatles' 'Oh! Darling.' Both wanted the soulful singer, badly.

"Christina Aguilera is one of the better singers on Earth," Levine said, "but I can assure you she's not one of the best coaches." That came after the blond coach spent a large chunk of her pitch trying to undercut Levine's proposal. She even went as far as accusing him of trying to be Justin Timberlake.

"Hi, my name is Adam and I'm gonna sell you a car right now," Aguilera said, half teasing. Cee Lo Green didn't say much as the two squawked over him, but he had also hit his button, giving him a chance to woo the Clearwater, Fla. singer.

"You turn me on," he said, and in the end it was the coach who said the least who got the girl, as Simms chose Green. A melancholy Levine and Aguilera hugged, kissed and made up after the contestant walked off the stage.

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