Luke Edgemon had our hearts from the very first note during his blind audition on ‘The Voice’ tonight (April 9). His performance was passionate, poised and soulful, causing both Usher and Shakira to turn their chairs to see who the amazing voice belonged to.

Originally from Fayetteville, N.C., Edgemon was heavily influenced by gospel music growing up. After graduating from high school, he packed his bags and drove out to L.A., where he became a backup singer for such artists as Mary J. Blige and Queen Latifah – but now, he wants to make it on his own. “It’s time to step out of the background and into the spotlight,” he said.

“Your voice is incredible,” praised Usher. “I’ve been waiting for a voice to really move me, and you did just that.” Shakira was quick to point out that she was the first coach to turn around for him. “I would be thrilled if I could have you on my team, because your voice is phenomenal,” she said. She continued her pursuit to win him over by adopting Usher’s ultra-cool and casual pose by propping one leg up on her chair just like he does.

The leg trick must have worked wonders, because Edgemon picked Team Shak! “I’m ecstatic that Shakira is my coach,” he said. “I sing a little bit more R&B music than she does, so I’m really excited to be involved with someone who’s a different genre.”