Oh right, we forgot about the Justin Bieber lookalike MacKenzie Bourg on 'The Voice.' Silly us.

During rehearsals, while chatting freely with Cee Lo, he recounted when he went back to a high school football game after appearing on the show and was mobbed "by like 50 girls." Bieber, is that you!? Upon hearing that, a white light surrounded his coach as the genius struck because, hold on to your hats, he chose a song by a boy band!: 'What Makes You Beautiful' by One Direction.

For a guy who had zero desire to be compared to the aforementioned artists (not Cee Lo), he was perfectly comfortable performing the song to a throng of screaming females in the audience. It's not the most vocally challenging song out there at the moment, but he had fun with it and we'll give the tone of his voice... and the fact that he looks like Tyler Hilton some credit. Still, he has "teen idol" written all over him.

The coaches found him to be adorable and appreciated his knack for recreating the songs in a more unique way. But they all agreed he needed to step out of the teeny-bopper box and perform something more interesting and out of his comfort zone.

But Adam Levine, who smiled like a schoolgirl with a crush, said it best, calling his performance a throwback to the '50s and even appropriately comparing him to Buddy Holly.

Damn you, Levine, for being smarter and more aware than us!